Coworking, events, community

An inspiring space for co-working, events and community created for those of us who want it all, with a little more balance. At Cake we value and celebrate you while making it easier to take on all of life’s demands. 

We believe you can have your cake and eat it too. 





Productive and inspiring spaces to get work done whether you’re looking for a private office, shared workspace, team room or just a quiet cozy nook.





Versatile space to host life’s celebrations or company retreat without the stress and mess. Let us do the heavy lifting and planning. 





Gather with like-minded people and your new support system. Take time for yourself to learn something new and create the life you crave.


At Cake you can expect a positive culture and environment where you feel valued. A community of diverse busy go-getters who want it all, without sacrificing the quality of life. A calendar of events to attend so there’s always something new to learn and people to meet. A space that’s all yours for hosting life’s biggest celebrations.