This mother-daughter duo is determined to create an inspiring space and community to bring people together, whether it’s for work, personal growth, or celebrating life’s happiest moments…all while making your life a little easier with tailored amenities and partners.

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Hannah is an independent self-proclaimed dreamer with a range of experience in fashion design, psychology, sales and customer success. For almost 5 years, she poured all her energy into a couple tech start-ups and came to realize she was on a career path she didn’t love. July of 2018, she left her full-time job and began creating the life she’s always craved with the goal of helping other women do the same.



Kara is a mother of four, wife, grandmother and has devoted 33 years to corporate America. After rising and reinventing herself in marketing, process design, coaching and consulting, she is ready for a new, more meaningful chapter. As a natural caregiver and listener she thrives when she’s helping young adults develop their career and personal journeys.