the space

A space to get work done or host and celebrate life’s happiest moments. Inspiring, welcoming and thoughtfully designed, whether you need a quiet room to focus or prefer the bustling open space. Home-like without the at-home distractions or mess.


living room


first impressions matter. the living room is right off the front entry. high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, layered rugs over the original 1930's hard-woods, velvet couches mixed with leather chairs, lots of throw pillows and throws for those winter months. don't forget about the fireplace. cozy up and get some work done or grab some tea and chat with other Cake members.  




forget the cubicle. for those of us who feed off other people’s energy and enjoy a coffee shop buzz, reserve a seat surrounded by fresh greens and wonderful humans. once the workday is done, our dining room transforms into the perfect spot to host your dinner party. without having to clean your own kitchen and dining room, of course.




gather at the extra-large quartz island for our morning coffee chats and enjoy weekly catered lunches. come back mid-afternoon to re-energize with more coffee or freshly-made snacks. feel free to work here all day if you prefer and don't miss the wine tasting demo once laptops are shut.


meditation STUDIO


take a break from the daily grind to breathe and stretch. morning, lunchtime and evening yoga and meditation classes offered daily.




better than your bathroom at home and we don’t judge if you hang out here all day. fully stocked with showers, lockers, hair, skin and make-up products from brands you’re obsessed with, and nursing lounge.




open workstations, private offices, phone booths, patio, meditation & yoga space, high-speed wifi, podcast and video studio, office supplies, free coffee, tea and healthy snacks, fully-stocked bathrooms, weekly catered lunches, lunch & learn sessions, free parking, partner discounts for fitness, childcare, laundering and more.